Stratford and the Cotswolds

Last weekend me and Chloe went to / photographed Chloe's Uncle's wedding at the Parish Church of St. Mary in Lower Slaughter, the Cotswolds. It was a pretty amazing weekend followed by a few days staying in a converted barn complex on a farm in Notgrove. The Cotswolds is a pretty inspiring place and I think everyone should spend some time there, especially if like me all you've ever known is the hussle and bussle of town and city life!

Our cottages (as they came to be known) were at the entrance to Notgrove village farm and at the back there are fields with alpacas, donkeys, horses and sheep as well as chickens contained in little pens. Half the time though they some how managed to find there way out and wander round the car park!

I borrowed a lens of Chloe: a Tamron AF 70-300 Tele-Macro to take some of these photos as the sheep and alpaca's we're a little shy and didn't like the attention!

On the Tuesday we decided to take a quick drive to Stratford-upon-Avon for the day which I really like going to. Round by the theatre and by the river is really nice and there's a huge amount of nice little places to go for a drink or for something to eat.

I've still got the Tamron lens Chloe has borrowed me and I hope to get some really cool macro shots with it and share them on here!

Hanging out with Parrots and in Ruins

On Sunday me and Chloe went to Tropical Birdland in Desford, Leicestershire after pretty much just stumbling across whilst driving to Leicester. We thought it would be a pretty cool thing to see but had no idea what to expect!

It didn't disappoint! It started out as one man opening up an exhibition to display his Macaw collection but it's since grown into a mini aviary complete with restaurant and walkthrough aviary where the birds are free to fly around, be hand fed and will land on you if you let them!

They even have a pen with two Emu's running around!

After we left, with every intention of driving to Fosse Park, we saw a sign post for a castle which naturally, I couldn't really not go and have a look at, and it beat trundling round a generic shopping centre, so we took a quick detour through Kirby Muxloe to go check out some old ruins!

Why hasn't there been any new posts?!

I've been a bit busy lately,
and when I haven't been busy I've been ill with some stupid cold. That and the weather has been pretty shocking pretty much all of August, so I haven't really had chance to go out and take any photos when I haven't been busy.

At the moment, I'm working on a website. It's pretty basic, but I just wanted somewhere I could send people that links to all my stuff and also has a handful of photographs on itself. At the moment it looks like this:

But eventually there will be actual content on there and stuff. I'm building it through WIX which is actually pretty simple to use. I'll share some more info on that when it's actually finished and ready to go!

I'm off to Leicester next weekend so I'll probably have some new photos to share from there!