Battle of Bosworth Field

On Sunday my parents decided they wanted to do Bosworth battlefield for the day. One of the plus sides to be the only person in the family that can drive is that I get to go along with them when they go out anywhere!

I'd been before back in school and hadn't seen what it was like post-2010 when archeology and historical investigation suggested the battle had been fought further southwest than where the "battlefield" site was currently situated. Since then the battlefield has been renamed "Bosworth Country Park and Battlefield memorial site." It's definitely changed some since the last time I was there from memory but still a great place to go to learn about the events of 22nd August 1485!

Of course I took some photos...

At the peak of Albion Hill there is now a Sundial monument with a crown on a halbard which, according to legend, is how the crown was fished out of a hawthorn bush before it was placed on Henry's head. There are also three 'thrones' to commemorate the three main generals during the battle: Richard, Henry and Stanley.

They also offer guided walks around the park talking you through the events of the day and providing historical background, which admittedly we didn't take advantage of, but we did be sure to check out what each and every little guidepost had to tell us along the way.

Also at the very farest point of the battlefield is a field where we found some sheep, close to Shenton station.

After we had grabbed something to eat and toured the gift shop, chilled out on the benches...

...and had an ice cream, using the information we had learned from the Memorial Centre, a photograph I took on my phone of the new proposed battle site and with a bit of help from Google maps, we took a short drive and photographed the field where it is believed King Richard III was killed. It's a field just off Fenn Lanes near it's junction with Mill Lane and Foxcovert Lane near Shenton and Dadlington.

A week in the sun in Brighton!

On the Sunday just gone me and Chloe got back from a week long holiday in Brighton. It's the first time in a very long time since I'd last been on holiday and Brighton has always been one of those places on my list to go visit, mainly to see the ruined West pier and it felt amazing to finally see it in real life!

Our hotel was literally 10 minutes from the pier and if you leaned out the window and looked down the road you could see the Brighton Wheel from our room!

Rather than sit around on the beach all day (although we did do that quite a bit...) we wanted to go out and see things, especially the Pavillion and the Lanes but even though we tried to fit in everything we didn't get chance to go down to the Marina or to Hove so we still have reasons to go back for a second time!

And although I didn't go in, Chloe also went and had a wander round the Museum and apparently it was pretty good! The statue of George IV is close by as well.



We also went to the Sea Life Centre which is pretty much a regular thing now! Every time we go anywhere we try to check them out if we can, they do some important conservation work and provide a great opportunity to get up close and personal to some weird and wonderful creatures!

There's a whole load of street art littered around Kemp Town and Brighton town centre which I took photos of with my LC-A+ that might find there way on to this blog one day! Not far from the town centre is Victoria Park which is home to a pretty impressive fountain and to the towns War Memorial.


The beach might be a pebbly one but still made for a relaxing and (mostly) comfortable surface to get some sun bathing done! Not that we really ever too advantage of that but we did find ourselves eating ice cream on there more often than we thought we would!

Also took a few night shots in between walking from pub to pub!

And then finally there is the West Pier ruins, which I must have photographed about 4 or 5 times but some how forgot to take an Instagram photo of! I watched the news when we had the horrendous storms and flooding and watched as the walkway began to collapse into the ocean and as part of the East side collapsed and I knew I had to go and see it quickly before there was nothing left to photograph. It was amazing to finally see it in the flesh and I hope it stays around for many more years yet to come!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post we still have things to do there, and although we did have a really good time the first time around, it still gives us all the more reason to go back!

Thanks to the Japanese tourist who took this for us!